TVS Diodes Array (ESD)
Single-Line Diodes (SMD)
Multi-Lines Array (SMD)
Power TVS Diodes (PTVS)
Axial Leaded Type(DIP)
Surface Mount Device(SMD)
High Current TVS(HTVS)
Axial Leaded
Gas Dischrge Tubes(GDT)
Axial Leaded Type(DIP)
Surface Mount Device(SMD)
Thyristor Surge Device(TSS)
Leaded Type (DIP)
Surface Mount(SMD)
Leaded Type (DIP)
Surface Mount (SMD)

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SALES ASSISTANT Job Description:
*Achieve the agreed upon sales objectives for the assigned products in the assigned markets.
*Develop Annual Business Plan projections for the assigned accounts. Must be able to think on both strategic and tactical levels.
*Provide customer support and account maintenance, for the assigned customers in assigned automotive markets, to achieve customer loyalty.

Opening Date:2018/03/07

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